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The School aims to share, develop and consolidate the key knowledge and technical skills on which Prysmian Group has built its market position. Training is delivered by our internal experts. Each year the professional school involves more than 500 employees from all over the world in enhancing key competencies business-wide.

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Lean Six Sigma 
Learn the Lean Six Sigma methodology and become a Green Belt

Manufacturing Fundamentals 
Immerse yourself in the processes, knowledge, culture, terminology and best practice of the Group’s manufacturing

Advanced Manufacturing
Hone manufacturing skills and deepen your understanding of the business

Excellence in Manufacturing
Challenge yourself with real projects and strategic issues that have an impact on operations

Supply Chain Fundamentals
Acquire key competencies and knowledge in logistics

Advanced Supply Chain
Focus on transport, drums management, SOP, planning and material flow for excellence in supply-chain management

Quality Online
Experience an innovative approach to the Group’s highest quality principles

Purchasing Fundamentals
Develop valuable competencies in buying materials and services including advanced purchasing.
Build your leadership skills and hone negotiation tactics

Advanced Cable Design 
Get ahead in the field of cable design

Cable Induction
Basic introduction to cables

Common Analysis
Updates and support to better perform your activities

Common Analysis Online
Continuous learning tool

Basic Factory Laboratory
Safety in Electrical Labs, Basis for Factory Lab, Basis on Factory Chemical Physical Lab

Advanced Factory
Laboratory Advanced Factory Lab, Safety in Electrical Labs, Site Acceptance Test

World of patents, brands and agreements

Project Server
A tool to better manage and control projects

Network Components, OEMS and Oil & Gas
Develop technical and commercial competencies, and gain a raised awareness of our Energy product portfolio

Telecom Solutions and MMS
Develop technical and commercial competencies, and gain a raised awareness of our Telecom product portfolio

Train on technical promotions, live demonstrations, PD measurement and base diagnosis

Training for Commercials
Manage effective customer relationships

Key Account Management
Reinforce the skills and the approach of a successful KAM

Project Management
Train in effective project management and gain a competitive advantage

Finance for Non Finance
Collect ideas and tools for the proper application of financial principles in daily work activities

How to select people
Learn how to minimise your mistakes with people selection

Women in Leadership
Interact with key tools to promote diversity and inclusion in your teams

Train on the Group’s performance and potential assessment practices

Train the trainer
Participate to develop your presentation skills and your ability to manage speeches and captivate your audience

Assessment and Recruitment
Share specialist competencies for recruitment, training and development

Online support and knowledge sharing
Prysmian Group employees have access to this initiative and can use this tool at any time they like using any device they choose. It supports the Group in improving and sharing its technical knowledge, as well as in creating a Prysmian Academy community.

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