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Кабели для подвижного состава


Кабели для подвижного состава

Prysmian provides a full range of products from medium-voltage to instrumentation cables, data cables, and from high temperature to thin wall desings.

The rapid development of transit technologies in recent years has impacted all areas, from mass transit to high-speed lines.

System complexity and reliability, as well as safety and zero downtime, are the key results of this remarkable change.

As a response to above evolution Prysmian provides chemical resistance, mechanical resistance, fire resistance, EMC behaviour and transmission capacity achieved through new cable designs and compounds.

TECHNERGY provides a full range of products that incorporate these railway-specific technologies, including medium and low voltage power cables, communication cables, pre-connectorized systems, and control and signalling cables.

Control Cables

Control cables used in rolling stock applications according to EN 50306

Fiber cables

Advanced signalling cables for railway applications, like light signalling, track switching, axle counters, ETCS, ERTMS and more, according to country-specific requirements. Please note that the cables as shown below are just an example of what we are able to produce and what we have done for some of our customers already. If you cannot find the right cable, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be more than willing to help you!

High-temperature cables

High-temperature cables used in rolling stock applications.

Jumper cables

Jumper cables used in rolling stock applications.

Pantograph cables

Pantograph cables used in rolling stock applications.

Power cables

Power cables used in Rolling stock applications.