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Power and Optical Umbilicals

Power and Optical Umbilicals

Designed and tested to withstand harsh environmental conditions in water depths as deep as 2,500 meters in both static and dynamic applications, these submarine cables, which require a high level of structural resistance, comprise the following elements:

  • Low or medium voltage power cores;
  • Optical core.

Power cores are insulated with high-performance compound, applied on the conductors by means of triple extrusion and continuous dry-curing process. The optical cable core features high crushing resistance. The type and number of fibres can meet the most demanding customer’s system requirements. The submarine cable components are assembled and sheathed with a polymeric extruded layer and then armoured with a counter-helix double layer high strength flat steel wire armour, to virtually eliminate any torsional tendency due to installation/operation stresses, and improve the cable hydrodynamic stability. The outer jacket is designed to provide excellent performance in terms of abrasion and crushing, besides UV resistance.

3x240mm2 12/20kV + 12 SM FO, Static and Dynamic, 2,000m water depth, Golfinho Field

3x500mm2 8.7/15kV + 24 SM FO, Static and Dynamic, 150m water depth, Peregrino Field