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Electro-hydraulic Umbilicals - Steel tubes

Electro-hydraulic Umbilicals - Steel tubes

Designed for both static and dynamic applications, steel tube umbilicals (STUs) are becoming the preferred solution in many deep-water projects for hydraulic control and chemical injection lines for wellhead control systems. The STU technology provides enhanced response times and higher working pressures when compared to more traditional thermoplastic hose based designs. The STUs also prevent the permeation of fluids from the tube, particularly with injection fluids containing methanol. STUs use high-alloy stainless steel tubes with high mechanical strength and fatigue resistance, with an excellent corrosion resistance.

Steel tube umbilicals are designed to operate in the harshest of environments and ultra-deep water applications, at depths of up to 3,000 meters.

The steel tubes are made from superior high-alloy stainless steel. Due to their nature they are not affected by the pressure, which allows for fast response times and prevention of permeation of fluids. In addition, the stainless steel prevents corrosion due to high temperature and pressure fluids. Long continuous lengths of steel tube umbilical cable are also possible, using the latest laser welding technology and weld checking systems. This is particularly useful for the ultra-deep water applications.

The steel tubes are assembled on a high-capacity planetary stranding machine which is capable of handling steel tubes up to a diameter of 1.5 inches.

Our plant in Vila Velha (Brazilian south-east coast), is equipped with enhanced manufacturing and storage capacity which includes high-load turntables [carousels] and bigger reels, which allows the loadout of very long continuous STU lengths. Situated on the coast, the Prysmian factory has a deep water berth, which allows for direct loading of heavy payloads directly onto installation vessels.

3x3/8" ST + 1x1"ST + 3 pairs x 2.5mm2 1kV, 1,500m water depth - Prototype