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Electro-hydraulic Umbilicals - Hoses

Electro-hydraulic Umbilicals - Hoses

Designed and tested to withstand harsh environmental conditions in water depths as deep as 2,500 meters in both static and dynamic applications, these umbilicals comprise the following typical functions:

  • High-pressure hydraulic control hoses;
  • High-pressure chemical injection hoses;
  • Electric control cable (optical fibre control core can be provided as an option, on demand).

High-pressure hydraulic control hoses are made of a nylon extruded liner, reinforced with a polyaramid braid and sheathed with an extruded polyurethane layer.

Chemical and ethanol injection hoses are similar to control hoses, and may also be provided with an internal anti-collapse metallic interlocking reinforcement, depending on the system's operating conditions such as internal fluid density and water depth.

Electrical control cables are insulated and jacketed with high-performance compounds. Electrical cable design and performance can meet the most demanding and specific system requirements.

The umbilical components are assembled and sheathed with a polymeric extruded layer and then armoured with a counter-helix double-layer flat steel wire armor, to virtually eliminate any torsional tendency due to installation/operation stresses, and improve the umbilical hydrodynamic stability.

The outer jacket is designed to provide excellent performance in terms of abrasion and crushing, besides UV resistance.

4 x 1/2" 5,000 psi + 2 quads x 4 mm2 1 kV, Static and Dynamic. 1,000 meters water depth - Albacora Field

9x3/8" 5,000psi + 3 pairs x 2.5mm2 1kV, Static and Dyanmic, 1,000 meters water depth - Marlim Field