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Specialty tubing

Specialty tubing

Our corrosion resistant alloy tubing is available in lengths of 50,000 feet and more and is used to control hydraulic actuators, inject chemicals and monitor well conditions under some of the most demanding downhole conditions on earth.

Specialty tubing from the tubing specialists
Our products include austenitic stainless steel, nickel-base alloy, and duplex stainless steel seam-welded and austenitic stainless steel and nickel-based seamless tubing in sizes from 1/8" through 5/8" outside diameter. 

Our small-diameter, corrosion-resistant tubing is ideal for control line, instrumentation, chemical injection, well monitoring and other high-performance applications in harsh environments where strength, corrosion resistance and reliability are essential. 
We are the only manufacturer with complete in-house sheathing and encapsulation capability. This permits us to sheath our own insulated copper conductors and optical fibers with stainless and nickel alloy and encapsulate them. We can also sheath customer-provided cores with the proper alloy and encapsulation materials.

All of our products are manufactured to our detailed tubing specifications which meet or exceed applicable ASTM requirements.

Alloy 316L Seam Welded Sheathed Tubing

Alloy 825 Seam Welded Pressure Tubing