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Specialty optical fiber-sensing cable (SOFSC)

Specialty optical fiber-sensing cable (SOFSC)

We are the technology leader in glass fiber sensing technology for temperature, pressure and strain measurement.  With hydrogen-insensitive fiber that can withstand temperatures from -150°C to +300°C, our fiber is used from arctic to deep subsea areas.

Many environments that could most benefit from fiber sensing -- such as deep inside an offshore oil well, an icy, salt covered bridge, the trans-Siberian pipeline or buried in the sand at a desert border crossing -- are deadly to optical fiber.
Draka Specialty Optical Fiber-Sensing Cable can be customer designed to survive in almost any application environment.
We have solutions ideal for high temperature, downhole, aerial, surface or direct burial installations.

Research and Development
Prysmian Group, through its commercial brand Draka, is at the forefront of fiber-sensor design and engineering and is a leading pioneer in fiber-sensing technology. Working with research facilities around the globe such as Sandia National Laboratories.

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