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Down Hole Technologies (DHT)

Down Hole Technologies (DHT)

For more than 25 years, Prysmian and Draka have led the field with technology-driven products for oil, gas and geothermal wells.

Specialty optical fiber-sensing cable (SOFSC)

We are the technology leader in glass fiber sensing technology for temperature, pressure and strain measurement.  With hydrogen-insensitive fiber that can withstand temperatures from -150°C to +300°C, our fiber is used from arctic to deep subsea areas.

Specialty tubing

Our corrosion resistant alloy tubing is available in lengths of 50,000 feet and more and is used to control hydraulic actuators, inject chemicals and monitor well conditions under some of the most demanding downhole conditions on earth.

Tubing encapsulated cable

Our TEC is used by oil and gas production and service companies throughout the world to monitor temperature, pressure, and other parameters in individual wells to better control flow though the overall reservoir.