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Umbilicals offer a full range of solutions, which thanks to innovative designs, materials and state-of-the-art processes meet all of the demanding requirements of such applications. Umbilicals offer oil companies, contractors, engineers, installers and component manufacturers the following major benefits.

During the last few years, offshore oil extraction activity has been constantly increasing. New platforms are being continuously installed in different parts of the world and operate in deeper and deeper waters. The safe and efficient interconnection from the topside platforms and vessels to the well heads and pumps on the seafloor is necessary to transfer power and data, as well as hydraulic and other fluids to guarantee reliable oil extraction operations. The local generation of electric power and the subsequent distribution to various appliances achieves lower generation costs. In addition broadband communication systems are now an essential feature of the most modern communication and process control systems. Subsea Umbilicals, Raisers and Flowlines form this vital link among the various centres of operation. They must be able to withstand high mechanical and chemical stresses, high operating temperatures and pressures in order to ensure the continuous and reliable supply of services in the harsh environments below the sea.

Our umbilicals are designed to suit static and dynamic applications in water depths of up to 2,500 meters and are composed of any possible combination of hydraulic lines (thermoplastic hoses or steel alloy tubes), low-voltage electrical control cables, medium-voltage power transmission cores and optical signal components. Our plants are able to supply our umbilicals facility with “in-house” made electrical and optical cores and the high pressure thermoplastic hoses.

Prysmian has full capability to design the necessary subsea and topside ancillaries which are part of the complete umbilical system. The accessories are designed by our expert engineers to fit each application of our umbilicals.

Along with our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, Prysmian has comprehensive testing laboratories, which are able to fulfill any necessary qualification program, including full-scale dynamic testing equipments for our umbilical systems.

Prysmian is also able to provide total assistance during and after umbilicals installation, with a high qualified team of offshore technicians.


Prysmian Group offers cable glands for a wide range of requirements from simple industrial applications to hazardous areas, on and offshore.


Prysmian Group offers a wealth of experience and expertise in the design and manufacture of power cable connectors and tooling. The range includes pre-insulated connectors plus low and medium-voltage connectors for both copper and aluminium, as well as heavy-duty environmental multi-pin connectors.

Cable cleats

Prysmian Components offers a complete selection of cable cleats and fixing accessories to suit the majority of LV, MV and HV cables, offering the user the ability to match individual site requirements with the most appropriate product for their application. They are also designed and manufactured to the highest performance standards.

Terminal tubes

Brass terminal tubes


Compression lugs


Dual-certified adapters, reducers and stopping plugs.